Let’s Get Minimal

It took me a while to get here but somehow it happened. I had found the missing puzzle piece. I had finally become sick of shopping and buying things that did not make me happy. Thanks to the constant bragging on social media, fast fashion (more on that in a future post) and always being ‘skint’, my desire to spend had perished almost overnight.

Bargains be gone! So long sales! Goodbye to gifts (that I embarrassingly purchased for myself)!

I didn’t have a name for what I was doing at the time but all I knew was that I had to reduce everything I owned. Less make-up, less clothes, fewer books. The list was never-ending. I wanted only the essentials and sentimental items remaining in my possession. Things I needed and treasured. I had already half-read Maria Konmari‘s book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying‘ but hadn’t really implemented any of the methods Maria suggested. So after a quick scan of the book, I decided to start on my make-up and skincare collection.

I had already given items to relatives earlier in the year but my collection was still growing so I had more to give away. I separated everything in to three piles: Keep, donate and throw away.I threw away items that had been in my possession for far too long. Lotions, cleansers, eyeshadows and mascaras that I would or could never use again. I had to honestly ask myself did I really need to keep any of these things? How were they contributing to my everyday life?

I kept items that I enjoyed using and would serve a purpose. My favourite mascara that made my lashes look longer and fuller became my only mascara. I kept face masks that made my skin look good and decided to stick to one decent cleanser that I go back to again and again. I kept my favourite red lipsticks and threw away the ones that were clearly not for my skin tone (hello yellow teeth!) and had not been used for a good few years. Eventually I only want one red lipstick in my collection!

I had a lot of unopened, brand new items that I decided to sell on eBay which was a great way to make at least some of the money back. These items were popular on eBay so I knew I’d be able to sell them successfully.

One thing that I discovered during my clear out was that I could donate my unwanted toiletries to a women’s shelter. I had a lot of items that were either brand new or hardly used and it would have been a shame (and a waste) to throw away. I searched online for places that were willing to accept my slightly used items and contacted them. I packed up 3 boxes with razors, wipes, make up, shower gel and much more and sent them off to a women’s shelter in London. I’m glad I was able to make good use of these items and I definitely want to donate more often. Read more about donating items to a women’s shelter here.

So I made a start. A small start but a significant one. I needed a name for this new way of living, only with the essentials and that’s when I discovered minimalism.

When I began my research for what minimalism was, I found a blog with this description in the search listings:

Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it.

I found myself drawn to this simple but effective description and decided to look in to it further. Next time, I’ll talk more about the principles of minimalism and how I am applying it to my everyday life.

Until then,


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