The Minimal In Me

I want a simple life. I want to do more with less. If I was to pack my things up and leave, would I be able to fit everything in to a small suitcase? Unlikely. But I’d like to think that I have started to put a slight dent in my emotional attachment to materialistic things.

When you focus all your energy on the things you own, you care less and less about the real things that matter. Important things become background noise and my obsession and addiction take centre stage. I can be content with my life without being excessive in every aspect of my life I tell myself. I don’t need my belongings to define me.

It’s not going to be easy by any means. Lifelong habits don’t change overnight.For some, minimalism is about style, interior design or art. Or maybe even reducing the waste they create and therefore reducing their carbon footprint. For me, it’s about simplifying my life. I want to take the chaos out of my everyday life and create a more simplistic and balanced life. The easiest place for me to start is with the things I own.

I’ve taken some of the principles of Minimalism and adapted them to my lifestyle. This means putting more thought in to my purchases and justifying their purposes. It also means that I will hopefully favour quality over quantity.

Minimalism will let me do more with less. But I hope that it will eventually open my eyes to a world where I can be my true self and I’m happy with that version of me.

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