The Minimalist’s Handbag

We love our handbags don’t we? Men can somehow get through their day with a wallet and car keys in their jeans pockets but us women need to carry our whole lives around with us wherever we go!

After make-up, I have probably splurged the most on bags. Big ones, mini ones, cheap ones and even designer ones. I have guarded my bags with my life and risked injury carrying big, thick, chunky, heavy leather sacks which contained everything I could possibly need outside of my home. It was actually a trip to London that led me to downsize my handbag and subsequently reduce its contents. Try carrying a trolley suitcase and massive handbag on the hottest day of the year, on the London underground! By the end of my short trip, my bag was filthy, filled with rubbish and definitely had seen better days.

Did I really need to carry so much around with me all the time? The inside of my bag looked like chaos. There was so much to dig through to find anything and the majority of it was unnecessary. Every week, I found myself doing a clear out of my handbag and no matter how neat and tidy it was on the Monday, by Friday, the bag was almost unusable and unrecognisable.

I needed to cut down on the size and contents of my bag so I decided to use a smaller bag that I already had in my collection (surprise surprise). I gave my big bags to charity and sold the designer ones on eBay. I still managed to add to my collection of bags, being the shopaholic that I am (or was) but these were smaller, better quality bags that I hope will last longer than the usual 6 months.

I’ve always disliked big purses and this was a great opportunity for me to go even smaller. My purse was overfilled with mainly store loyalty cards. But I shouldn’t need those if I shop less right? So out went the cards. I purchased myself a small wallet with 4 card slots and a zip coin section. Perfect size for my debit cards, driving license and on the rare occasion, spare change.

All I had to do now was keep the essential items and find smaller versions of them if I could. Deodorant, hand cream and lip balm are absolutely necessary and I was already using handbag/travel sizes. I got rid of the little make up I carried and kept one liquid lipstick. Painkillers, tissues, hair ties/grips, earphones, pen, a perfume sample and anti-bacterial gel made up the rest. The only other item that would go in my bag is obviously my phone which replaces the need for a notebook or diary.

The Essentials

Handbag of choice – Small Kate Spade crossbody bag

Although I love this bag and its size and functionality, I think I’d like to go even smaller. Unless I am going away somewhere, I don’t think I need anymore than the essential items I’ve listed above. This list of items may get shorter or longer but for now it meets my needs.

So there you have it. My version of a minimalist’s handbag. It’s small, compact, light and less of a burden on me and my shoulders. What would you keep and get rid of? Is there anything that you think is a necessity that I have taken out? I’d love to know what you guys think!

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