Ways I have embraced minimalism

In my last post I talked about how I downsized my handbag and reduced the contents considerably. Although I only discovered minimalism about 6 months ago, I have managed to put in to practice some of what I think are its key principles. There is much more to minimalism and I have yet to discover what else it has to offer me. Read on to find out what I’ve done so far to embrace minimalism.

Buy Less and Buy Smart

My motto used to be ‘more is more’. But buying things I didn’t need or couldn’t afford just didn’t give me that high like it used to before. So I cut down on my shopping. I wrote lists of things I actually needed and used shopping trips to go out and buy those things instead of treating myself to a bit of retail therapy. Simple, I know! I also stopped buying things simply because they were a bargain or on sale. A bargain means nothing if I don’t have any need or use for the product. I decided to buy the best quality I could afford and something that would last longer than the cheaper alternative. I looked at certain purchases as investments, that would serve me for years to come.


I hate clutter. I find clutter claustrophobic. But I had a lot of clutter. Tidy and organised clutter. I had found ways to put things away neatly in places so it wasn’t obvious clutter. That makes sense right? I had shoes I stopped wearing long ago and make-up that had definitely expired all tidied away in coordinating pretty boxes. Dusty books and magazines lined up on my bookshelf as if I was ever going to read them. The collection of size 10 outfits that I was holding on to so you know, it would motivate me to lose weight. Everywhere I looked, I was collecting and holding on to material possessions that added nothing to my life. They had no purpose and were cluttering my space and my mind. So I decluttered. I decluttered like a boss! I gave to family, donated to charities/charity shops, sold the designer items and disposed of the things that were unusable. See my post here for more on what I did to declutter.


Everything in my life needed simplifying. From my weekday morning routine to my skin care regimen. I wanted to do as little as possible, with as little as possible and achieve the same results. So I cut down on what I was doing and using to save myself time and simplify my life. Simplicity and minimalism go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other in my opinion so simplifying my life came naturally once I got the hang of what minimalism was about. My mornings were usually chaotic and I always started the day stressed and rushed off my feet. Once I cut down on what I needed to do each morning, I had more time to focus my energy on the more important things.

There are of course many other ways to practice minimalism in everyday life and I hope to write about these as I experience them. But this is a good start if nothing else.

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